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★ IC Permissions

☆ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Yes! He'd prefer you didn't, but you won't get hurt if you try or anything.
☆ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Go ahead! He's an experienced fighter even with his limiters on, and positively formidable without them.
☆ RELATIONSHIPS: HAHAHAHA good luck. Seriously, totally fine if it develops ICly, I love shipping, but...guy's got serious damage in this department, and his friends/travel companions come first.
☆ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: There's nothing in canon that says his mind can't be read, but his psyche is pretty twisted and fractured. Scanning surface thoughts is totally cool, but if you want to actually go into his mindscape, please contact me first so we can go over what you'll find. Hakkai's brain is a scary place.
☆ MAGICAL INFORMATION: He has energy manipulation powers even in human shape, and people who can sense that kind of thing can probably tell. He's also a supernatural being wearing a power limiter to keep human shape and human abilities, which some people might also be able to tell.
☆ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Is a healer! No special medical information, he's entirely human in form most of the time, and youkai are similar enough biologically to produce offspring with humans anyway.
☆ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Most of his major trigger issues revolve around his twin sister. He won't snap and lash out or anything like that, though, unless he's already under a hell of a lot of emotional stress.

★ OOC Permissions

☆ THREADHOPPING: Yes, unless the thread appears dramatic and personal, or is somewhere people are unlikely to walk in? Use good judgement.
☆ FOURTHWALLING: Please don't with Saiyuki canon specifically, however since this canon is basically a fractured fairy tale, I am totally cool with people explaining the original legend of the Journey To The West to him. He'll probably think it's funny, especially how often Tripitaka needs rescuing. Dragon Ball is also an option, since they're both based on the same story.
☆ DO NOT WANT: Can't think of anything! It's a rough canon anyway, so I'm open to plenty of darkness.

☆ ANYTHING ELSE? Not that I can think of right now.

★ First Impressions

☆ VISUAL: A young man, slender and rather pretty, with nonthreatening posture. The monocle he wears may give an impression of weakness, or at least a scholarly disdain for violence.
☆ AURAL: His tone is generally cheerful, and his voice is soft and pitched to a fairly high register. In the anime, his voice actor is Akira Ishida, for those of you to whom that means something.
☆ OLFACTORY: Generally smells like laundry soap and whatever home-cooked meal he made last.
☆ DEMEANOUR: Cheerful and kind! To the point that, depending on the situation, it can be a little creepy.


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